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The SEP Alumni Scholarship is global nonprofit initiative to harness the energy, expertise and relationships forged by the Stanford Executive Program (SEP).

The Alumni Scholarship was launched by an SEP class, inspired by Stanford Business School’s 'call to arms' - Change Lives. Change Organizations. Change the World. Joined by participants from subsequent years, our mission is to use the scope and skill of the global SEP network to deliver social outcomes, with special focus on education, health and environment. 

A primary objective is to scale excellence among outstanding not-for-profit leaders from around the world - including sponsoring inspiring not-for-profit leaders to participate in SEP. And this is just the start of our organization's work. The vision is to build out our efforts across the whole SEP alumni, providing a powerful vehicle for change. 

As the SEP Alumni Scholarship grows and evolves, it offers an opportunity for the wider SEP alumni to participate, providing a unique collaboration between SEP years past, present and future. Please join us!

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