Desired Profile

  • Demonstrated leadership, management and academic experience aligned to the SEP selection criteria.

  • Senior leadership role in a non-profit organization, with a proven track-record in delivering significant social, educational or environmental outcomes.

  • A pioneering social entrepreneur, harnessing the transformational power of social and business leadership.

  • English speaking.

  • Preparedness to “give back” by helping drive the growth and development of the SEP Foundation for two years.

  • Globally oriented, with experience and expertise that will enhance SEP 2017 for all those in attendance.

  • Energy, discipline, and strong values.


The centerpiece of the application process is a one-to-two page essay outlining how and why the SEP experience would transform the work of their organization, as well as their own leadership performance.  The applicant must outline specific areas where they would like to gain learnings and insights from SEP and how this will help them deliver results for their organizations.

In addition, the applicant should submit the following additional materials:

  • Personal information: nationality, country of residence, date of birth;

  • Professional resume;

  • Academic background;

  • Photograph;

  • 2 written references;Additional information about their organization, its wider story and record of results.


Submissions will be reviewed by the SEP Foundation Board and up to three candidates will be selected for submission to the Stanford Executive Program.  Applications must be received by 1 Feb.

Once shortlisted, nominees will need to complete the SEP application process (see details). The SEP selection committee will select at least one nominee for the next SEP intake.

Applications should be sent via email to