A 501(c)(3) organisation

Ensuring Not-For-Profit leaders can have access to executive level education, to let them scale their businesses for global impact.


Our Mission

Inspired by the Stanford Graduate School of Business “call to arms” - Change lives. Change Organizations. Change the World.

The idea was hatched by participants of SEP 2015, born of their desire to work together for greater good. They have now been joined by participants from all subsequent years, and the organization uses the scope and skill of the global SEP network to deliver significant social outcomes, with special focus on education, health and environment.

It is something to be “handed on” to future SEP years, to provide a long term framework for SEP participants to work together and change the world.

The Alumni Scholarship is our flagship offering. The aim is to amplify the work of an inspiring global social leader who is on the verge of strategic growth - personally and organizationally. This scholarship provides the unique opportunity to experience the Stanford Executive Program. The board looks for a leader who would benefit greatly from the chance to super-charge their strategic skills and connect with the SEP network in order to bring greater impact to their work.

We are now raising funds towards the 2019 Alumni Scholarship.

The Alumni Scholarship has allowed me, and my organisation, to rapidly accelerate out impact for Mexico’s youth
— Alejandra Hinojosa, Alumni Scholar 2016

What We've Achieved

  • Raised funds for three alumni scholars

  • Assisted with connections for projects in Mexico

  • Set up as a 501(c)(3) organisation in the USA

  • Set up a scaleable and sustainable model for growth for the foundation.