Reflections from the 2017 Scholar

This time last year I was four weeks into the SEP experience. Looking back, it is hard to believe a year has already passed. There has even been a Reunion of SEP 17 in Germany. Unfortunately, I could not make it but experienced it with the Whatsapp group for which the sun never sets. Looking forward to making it to the next one in Armenia/Georgia.

I consider myself lucky and privileged to have been a part of SEP 17. An opportunity to listen and learn from such an expert and incredible faculty (can’t expect anything less from Stanford). A group of 180 people from 44 different countries added to the richness of the whole experience. Furthermore, I am sure the whole group would agree that a special bond and lasting friendship has been created.

I can confidently say, the SEP experience has helped me to make an impact by becoming a better leader. Knowledge gained but not shared is of no value. From the moment I got back I have tried to re-live the SEP experience with my team. It was important that we were going to be on the same page. One of the Directors recently sent me a message saying: “I feel empowered.” Looks to me to have SEP written all over it.

Rural Development Trust (RDT) has been at the forefront in the fight to eradicate extreme poverty and human suffering in India. It has been a very special journey. RDT will complete 50 years in 2019. Looking to the next 50 years, one of our main objectives is to build a culture of giving in our society. In just the last few months nearly 9000 people from all walks of life have come forward and pledged a portion of their salary every month to the work of RDT. I really am proud of the people of Anantapur for leading the way.

As part of the Celebration of the 50 years there will be a Relay Ultramarathon (Jan 2019). It is a Solidarity relay race (170km): RUN FOR CHANGE. It is to enable us to provide housing, roads, electricity and water for 57 families residing in Sundariah village who currently live in huts and tents without essential hygienic or sanitary conditions.

There will be runners from Spain and India. I would like to propose a SEP team for the solidarity relay Ultramarathon and be a part of RUN FOR CHANGE. In our group of SEP 2017 there were quite a few keen runners and I am sure there are many more from the previous groups too. So I appeal to you all, lets get a SEP team together. So please, those of you that are interested get in touch.

Finally, would like to thank the SEP Foundation for providing me the opportunity to be a part of a world class program and create an incredible network of people in my life.