Moncho Ferrer on preparing for SEP

Rural Development Trust (RDT) was founded almost 50 years ago by my parents and three volunteers in one of the most backward districts in southern India (Anantapur).  They did not have any financial resources but an incredibly strong desire to fight against extreme poverty and a belief that we can change lives.

That little dream has now helped build an organization with 2600 employees, working in more than 3500 villages with a reach of over 2 million people.  RDT has never been afraid of big things, it is in fact in our DNA to scale up and reach as many poor as possible. 

It is our mission to build a value based professional organization being dynamic and creative in nature, untiring in hard work and motivation, humanistic in approach, strong in its commitment to share the aspirations and struggles of the poor.

SEP is an ideal and logical step forward to help build my own capabilities and skills as a leader to ensure the long-term viability of my organization. It is an invaluable tool and resource for me in order to expand our impact in shaping new tactics and best practices necessary to breakdown the status quo and build up an entrepreneurial and innovative culture to support my organisation.

SEP is not only a place to gain knowledge but a perfect opportunity for networking and to forge lifelong connections. The expertise and network will surely provide a platform for me to bolster the organizations ability to explore innovative solutions in the fight to end extreme poverty and human suffering.

I consider myself very lucky to be part of SEP2017 and extremely grateful to the SEP Foundation for making it possible. A big thumbs up for the participants of SEP 2015 whose belief in the Power of Good Action helped create the SEP Foundation. If it were not for the SEP Foundation this journey would not be possible. Looking forward to working and being part of the SEP Foundation: Change lives. Change Organisations. Change the World.

“A good action is never lost; it remains forever in some corner of the world” (Vicente Ferrer)